I Would Do It All Again

March 18, 2003 marks the start of the Iraq war. That was 16 years ago today. I was just finishing High School when this happened. One year later I was deployed to Iraq.  Reflecting back this was a significant personal date in my history.  I learned more than I could ever imagine. I learned about... Continue Reading →


Broken by Sin

We can see the results of this fall today. We are broken. Our relationship with God is broken, our relationship with each other is tainted with selfishness.

Darkness is….Vanity

This world will kill you.  For some it is a slow process, a slow death of body and mind.  When you spend your first 10 years of adult life at war this death can overwhelm you.  When you are thrust into a world where bodies are stacked like driftwood.  When you respond to a vehicle... Continue Reading →

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