I Would Do It All Again

March 18, 2003 marks the start of the Iraq war. That was 16 years ago today. I was just finishing High School when this happened. One year later I was deployed to Iraq.  Reflecting back this was a significant personal date in my history.  I learned more than I could ever imagine. I learned about... Continue Reading →

A picture of conversion

We can learn much about the character of God as we watch Jesus (Rev 19:10). In this passage there are two actions we must take before God, cry out in humility and follow.

Airplane discussions

Regurgitating facts is where many of us are in our Christian faith. We do not know much beyond a few basic facts about Jesus. I want to tell you this is great! As a start. It is not great to stay there. This is ok if you are a newborn Christian, not great if are not.

A Call to Arms!

As a people the United States is soaked in the blood of innocent children, this is a stain that will not easily be washed clean. No amount of shine new gadgets, no amount of obtuse words about reproductive health will be able to scrub this scarlet letter from our chest. This year more than 60,000 babies have been murdered in their mothers womb.

Comfort others

In the course of life you be asked questions from hurting people. Your family may tearfully ask why? Your kids may ask why does this hurt? 

Decisions, Decisions

I am a point in my life where some major decisions need to be made. I am one semester away from graduating Seminary with my Master’s in Divinity with a concentration in biblical counseling.

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