Learn how to Pray like a Warrior King

I wrote this piece for Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs follow the link to read the whole thing! "The reality is we all pray, Christians and non-Christians all pray at times. Prayer and forms of prayer are found all over the world and all cultures. Just like a weapon system will still fire if not sighted... Continue Reading →

A Memorial Day Plea

I was going to write a list of do’s and don’ts for this Memorial Day for pastors and other ministers. Like, "do not thank a veteran for their service on this day", or do not say, "happy Memorial Day to people." At this point it would just be redundant and others have written in great lengths about the do’s and don’ts and if you choose to ignore them that is really your own ignorance and folly, just be warned you could hurt people.

The 3 Lessons I learned from Seminary

I wore these shoes when I graduated Basic and Advanced training in the Army. I also wore these shoes when I graduated all my military schools that required dress uniforms. I wore these shoes when I graduated from college. I am now going to wear these shoes as I graduate from Seminary.

Wandering Hearts want to know.

I am working on a sermon that includes a few lines from a well-known hymn, “Come Thou Font of Every Blessing” I spent some time reading about the history of the author as well as the history of the song. Here is the song for you to enjoy.

When Dark Depression will not lift.

I feel as if the feeling of depression has kidnaped me and brought me deep into the bowels of the earth. A deep cave where there is only darkness. Not only that but this cave has collapsed on me and I am unable to move. The darkness will not lift, the heavy weight of tiredness lack of energy and numbness is all over me.

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