Psalm 119, some small reflections.

I can never do justice to this Psalm with the words that I write.


Our affections are stirred and lead us to follow the way of the Lord. When we seek Him with our whole heart and our desires are increased!

The Word of God stirs our affections and lead to obedience, our obedience leads to holiness, our holiness gives us happiness.

When we follow God’s decrees and seek Him with all our heart, a strange thing happens, we are happy(blessed). The way to purity/holiness is by keeping God’s word.

When we are dry and weary God’s word gives us strength and broadens our understanding. The writer makes it a habit to obey God’s precepts and law. Our only hope is in the Word of God.

When I was afflicted I went astray.

Of particular interest to me is vs 65-72. The writer says that before when he was afflicted he went astray. My life also has this element in it. When my father died of cancer I responded with rebellion to God and sought after my own pleasure.

When I face hardship and affliction I draw closer to the Word of God and keep His commands. It was good for me to be afflicted so that I could learn God’s Statutes. Amazing is the power of God’s affliction! That it can lead us have greater comfort and joy in obeying God and His word.

Pain and Suffering

In pain or sufferings, I have hope and life in God. His word comforts me, it is forever. It shows God’s faithfulness to all generations. This firm foundation I teach my children and pray for their lives to be molded and founded on the Word of God.

His Word gives peace. The pinnacle of Divine revelation is Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for us. Fulfilling all justice and at the same time providing infinite mercy to us sinners. We need the Lord to seek us (vs. 76) for we wander like sheep.

We need Him to teach us his statutes, His precepts, His way. As the Psalmist constantly calls on God to show, teach, enlighten we also need to cry out for these things as we study and meditate on His word.


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