Broken by Sin

Genesis 3

Sin is rampant everywhere we turn.

You cannot watch TV go online without some form of sin being directed into your retinas. Let us look at the origin of sin and see if we cannot gain a better understanding of the magnitude of sin’s damage to humankind.

The Garden of Eden.

A beautiful paradise, a place where God walks with humankind. God placed man in the garden with a purpose to name the creatures and care for the garden. The form of care is that of a protector or defender of the purity of the garden. God made woman from man and they lived in the garden paradise, a temple garden where God enjoyed fellowship with man. Even being made in the image of God contains elements of a priesthood king. Ancient Near eastern kings would place images of themselves at the far ends of their kingdoms, these image bearers would mark the boundaries of a kingdom.

As humankind reflected God’s image in His temple garden with humankind being charged to rule and protect this garden the failure of humankind is such a colossal rebellion that the consequences should have been drastic, as indeed they were. This is the wide lens view. The close in view is that of the snake and its conversation with Eve. The serpent a created being talks to Eve. Eve tasked with ruling over the other created beings listens to the serpent and follows someone other than God.

The serpent began by questioning God and His wisdom.

This is typical of all temptation. Temptation starts with questioning God and His word. It works to undermine the very trust we as the created are to have of God. Eve replies and adds to God’s word. How easy is it for us to add to God’s word? The serpent steps into the light as counter God, he countermands God, by claiming they wouldn’t die. Besides they could be like God if they would eat of it. There we have the nature of sin. The desire to be like God, the thought that we know better than God is the very essence of temptation.

The massive consequence to this is Eve eats the forbidden fruit. Adam who is right there with her and acts completely passively the whole time also eats. The second most painful words spoken in the Bible are by God when He asks where Adam was. It is not because He did not know, but these words emphasize the broken connection between God and humankind. Adam knew it because he hid himself and experienced the first pain of guilt and shame. Adam selfishly blames another creature the woman and blames God for the making of the woman and his sin. Previously Adam had been outward focused, now he is selfishly trying to defend himself, blaming the woman who he had just sang a love song to her.

We can see the results of this fall today.

We are broken. Our relationship with God is broken, our relationship with each other is tainted with selfishness. This bleak outlook is not the end of the story. If this was the first time reading or hearing the story it would be one that is obviously heartbreaking. We know that it doesn’t end there. Until all creation is completely restored we live under the shadow of death, our only reprieve is that of Jesus Christ and His defeat of sin and death with His resurrection.

What do you think of this story? Let me know in the comments.


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