In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The first words of the most famous book ever written.

Genesis chapter 1.
First, we see that God created. He created all things. Everything God created He gave a purpose to. In vs 11 God created the earth to sprout vegetation. God created lights and darkness and He called it good. Creation provides a backdrop to the big story.

When God creates man the first poetry is displayed. Man created in the image of God, male and female. We see here that we are image bearers of God. In the image of God, we gain knowledge, righteousness and holiness with the law of God written on our hearts. God gave man a purpose vs 28. So where did we come from and why are we here are both answered in the first chapter of Genesis.

The unusual fact that so many own a Bible yet still ask these questions is baffling. Is it that they do not read it? With literacy rates rising that can hardly be the case. Could it be that something went wrong?
God gives his first command first positive vs 16, then negative vs 17. When they kept the commands of God they spent time with Him. When they broke the command, they lost communion with God and righteousness. This fall corrupted not only our nature but that of all creation. This sin brought death upon us all (Rom 3:23). These two first humans are the root of a tree. They caused all the rest of the tree to be diseased with the corruption of sin and death.

The story does not end there as the rest of God’s word brings testimony to. The story of God gracefully removing the rot without killing the whole tree. This large overarching theme or redemption is how we know God loves us.


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