Sin. What’s the big deal?

Genesis 3.

The Baptist Catechism defines sin as “any lack of conformity to or violation of the law of God.”

The story of humans first sin is well known, and often used in popular culture and media.

This story comprising only one chapter in the Old Testament, is important for the rest of the Bible. Not just the Bible but our lives as well. God walked in the garden at the cool of the day (Gen 3:8). God had created this world and everything in it (Gen 1-2). God expected to see the two humans He had created. Yet they were hiding from Him. When one of my children do something wrong they tend to hide the thing they did wrong or themselves. On a grander scale this is what Adam and Eve did, they covered themselves up and hid. Not only had they betrayed God and His trust, they hid from Him, creator of the universe.

God knew what happened when He asked; “Have you eaten of the tree which I commanded you not to?” The Lord God then pronounced the result of sin. The serpent was punished, Eve was punished, and Adam was punished. This punishment had repercussions for all of humanity. For the punishments to be this harsh, Sin must be a big deal to God.

Sin in all its forms effects and infects everything in our lives.

Our relationships, our attitudes and behaviors, even nature itself is affected. God did not leave us alone in our sin. God sent His son to experience what we experience and to take on the burden of our sins, even unto death. Jesus Christ rose again victorious, we are called as His people to help redeem others to Him and announce this good news!


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