Personal Psalms

A Psalm of Lamentations

A Psalm of Matthew Statler, Iraq war Veteran

Save me, O God, by Your Holy name I call.

I cry out from my bed.  (Address)

My terror is great.

I cannot sleep; the nightmares are great upon me.

You saved me from my enemies in the desert,(confession of trust)

Now they haunt me in my sleep.

They terrorize my dreams. My bed is drenched in sweat.

My life is a constant war. (complaint)

Why spare me if I am to still live the fight?(Petition)

Behold! The Lord God is my helper;

He leads me to lie down and sleep peacefully.

He guides my thoughts to stillness.

He brings me to peace.  (Words of assurance)

I will praise Him in the morning

I will pray to Him at night,

For His name is above all names for his name is Yahweh.

O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you

for all the days of my life.  (vow of thanksgiving)

Psalm of Praise

A Psalm of Matthew Statler

There is a protector His name is God, Praise Him! (Call to worship)

He protects his people from their enemies

The explosions of their bombs fail to detonate

They explode but do no damage

God is a hedge of protection around his faithful

His shield is stronger than any man-made weapon

All who stand against him fail.

The bullets of my enemy shatter against His power(motive for praise)

Praise Him you people.  Praise Him from the safety of your homes!

He protects those on the Battlefield will He not surely be able to save us?

Yes! He is the Great Protector! The Mighty Warrior!  He is God! Praise Him!(Recapitulation)

Psalm of Thanksgiving

A Psalm of Matthew Statler

Blessed are we who pray to the Lord,

Whose heart is uplifted to Him.

Blessed is the man who communes with the Most High

For he will walk with him all the days of his life. (introduction)

For when I walked alone I was lost in the dark,

Stumbling like a fool.

Alone and afraid, running into walls senselessly.

I would cry out and no one would answer me for I was lost.

My fear and selfishness was heavy upon me.

When I lifted my eyes from the maze, I lifted my eyes to you God.

You answered me, you were there for me.

I opened my heart to your ways and you led me out,

I followed your path to my purpose

No longer alone, surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses. (narration of experience)

Therefore everyone Lookup!  Pray to God!  Walk with him daily seek him out draw him close.  Hold tight to his cloak.  Do not let him escape you.

Be glad! In the LORD, rejoice, O righteous, shout for joy you gloriously found! For you are HIS! Amen!(Praise and call to worsh


6 thoughts on “Personal Psalms

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  1. You have captured the essence of our Lord, Matt. Just beautifully written, I feel your pain and your joy. May God shine His face upon you, give you strength, give you Hope that He can only give. Thank you for sharing your heart and your words.


  2. Wow! Thank you, Matt, for sharing from the depths of your struggles and, more importantly, from the daily victory that you recognize through God, Who is your Refuge, your Strength, a Very Present Help in trouble. May you continue to find daily solace and victory in everything you face.

    Your friend Herbert Collier is my longtime friend as well, and he shared your Psalm with me. May God continue to bless and keep you, Matt. ~ Michael Stubblefield


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